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ROUNDTABLE LIVE-DEBATE: “…there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark??”

PREMIERE!!! – ROUND TABLE DEBATE on AGE OF TRUTH TVTODAY: 2 MARCH 2021!!!“There´s something rotten in the state of Denmark?? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?” JOIN US – LIVE-CHAT DISCUSSION: EXTRAORDINARY DISCUSSION – featuring speakers: Lawyer, Legal Councillor: MIKKEL KAASTRUPEngineer, Activist, Political Party Founder: FLEMMING BLICHERPublic

GITHA BEN-DAVID ~ “Heal The Pineal & Sound Frequency From Heaven! Truth Healing”

The fascinating, creative and innovative GITHA BEN-DAVID joins Age Of Truth TV´s Investigative Reporter and Presenter, Lucas Alexander, for a really extraordinary and amazing in-depth hard-talk. Githa Ben-David is a celebrated but also rather controversial Danish Sound-Healer & Therapist, Singer, Musician, Author, Lecturer, Spiritual Coach