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AGE OF TRUTH TV – Live – ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE DISCUSSION about the GLOBAL LOCKDOWN due to the Covid-19 CORONAVIRUS ~ 20 March 2020 Guests: OLE DAMMEGÅRD, CLAIRE EDWARDS, JOHN KITSON & INGUNN SIGURDSDATTER. Presented by: LUCAS ALEXANDER A fascinating, enlightening and compelling interview with

DEBORAH TAVARES ~ “Illuminati Global Agenda & Smart Directed Energy Weapons”

DEBORAH TAVARES, lecturer, analyst, investigative conspiracy researcher and activist is the guest on AGE OF TRUTH TV, in an extensive, eye-opening, controversial and informative interview with presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander. Deborah Tavares is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has

JOHN KITSON ~ “5G – The Fifth Element of Total Destruction”

A fascinating, direct and compelling in-depth interview with British 5G activist and political candidate, JOHN KITSON by Age Of Truth TV´s investigative reporter and presenter, Lucas Alexander. 5G – THE GREAT DANGER TO THE WORLD. A silent invisible weapon with potentially massive health effects, and

MICHAEL HORN ~ “Real or Fake UFO´s? & The Controversial Story of BILLY MEIER”

We enter 2020 with an explosive, intense, dynamic and fascinating interview-conversation with UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Documentary Filmmaker and the English-speaking representative for the controversial reclusive Swiss UFO photographer and Alien contactee – BILLY MEIER! Michael Horn is interviewed by AOT TV´s Lucas Alexander in