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“CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM PROTEST” (5th June Danish Constitution Day)

An AGE OF TRUTH TV field-report from the protest and demonstration against the violation of the Constitution in Denmark, when the Danish government changed the laws and the constitutional rights overnight, as an emergency measure when the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen ordered a lockdown

WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON? ~ Claire Edwards Presentation

CLAIRE EDWARDS is with us once again via a livestream. In this presentation she will present and share with us a very speciel document which she calls a GROUNDBREAKING document, with major revelations about what is really going on on our planet right now. Claire

“Satanic Forces Against Church & Healing Remedy” ~ MARK GRENON

MARK GRENON, Author, Lecturer and Archbishop of the “Genesis2 Church Of Health & Healing” is joining AGE OF TRUTH TV from Colombia, South America, for an interview about the recent horrifying events happening to his church. He explains how he, the church and two of