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DEBORAH TAVARES ~ “Illuminati Global Agenda & Smart Directed Energy Weapons”

DEBORAH TAVARES, lecturer, analyst, investigative conspiracy researcher and activist is the guest on AGE OF TRUTH TV, in an extensive, eye-opening, controversial and informative interview with presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander. Deborah Tavares is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has

JOHN KITSON ~ “5G – The Fifth Element of Total Destruction”

A fascinating, direct and compelling in-depth interview with British 5G activist and political candidate, JOHN KITSON by Age Of Truth TV´s investigative reporter and presenter, Lucas Alexander. 5G – THE GREAT DANGER TO THE WORLD. A silent invisible weapon with potentially massive health effects, and

MICHAEL HORN ~ “Real or Fake UFO´s? & The Controversial Story of BILLY MEIER”

We enter 2020 with an explosive, intense, dynamic and fascinating interview-conversation with UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Documentary Filmmaker and the English-speaking representative for the controversial reclusive Swiss UFO photographer and Alien contactee – BILLY MEIER! Michael Horn is interviewed by AOT TV´s Lucas Alexander in

MARK STEELE ~ “Criminal 5G Enterprise & Deadly Spiritual War”

MARK STEELE has become a famous anti-5G campaigner and activist. He is a British weapons expert and Chief Technology Officer, who stirred up quite a controversy in his hometown of Gateshead in Northern England. He became known in the media for the court case in

STEVEN WHYBROW ~ “Archon Artificial Intelligence & 5G Frequency Control”

STEVEN WHYBROW is a young British/Austrian Investigative Journalist, Truth and Conspiracy Researcher, Lecturer and 5G activist, from Vienna, Austria. He has been studying the global conspiracy network and can do lectures in both English and German. How is 5G connected to the demonic inter-dimensional entities