A new truth information movement

There is a vibrational change happening in the world. A new positive frequency change is taking place on Planet Earth and we are celebrating that with enlightening and illuminating information. A web-community that, although it has been born in Denmark, is a space / place for truth seekers and researchers and spiritual lightbeings from all over the world. They come together and share information from all walks of life within the scientific, spiritual, political, and humanitarian field of information, along with info on conspiracy research and otherworldly phenomena.

We bring all of the most prominent “Truth Agents”, whitstle blowers and “Spiritual Agents” together. There are many stories being told, many life experiences shared and a million pieces in a very large puzzle being put together. The page is an ongoing homage to all those who fight for democracy and freedom, liberation of human enslavement, also mentally and spiritually. It´s an homage to the amazing infinite human consciousness and spiritual power that is within every living person on this beautiful planet.

To become fully awake, more aware and conscious, takes questioning everything we are and everything we know. Taking charge of our own lives, inner strength, infinite abilities and great intuition. You are the master and creater of your own life.

Please share your thoughts, become involved, join the AgeOfTruth movement for a better world within our global world community. The time is now, the time is right. The truth is right in front of our eyes, and especially within our vibrational frequency called the conscious mind.

Age Of Truth – July 2012