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CLAIRE EDWARDS & STEVEN WHYBROW ~ “World Awakening, Truth & Activism” ~ AWC Live

CLAIRE EDWARDS & STEVEN WHYBROW ~ "World Awakening, Truth & Activism" ~ AWC Live [Age Of Truth TV]

This fascinating, extraordinary and intensely informative AGE OF TRUTH TV LIVE-DEBATE interview with CLAIRE EDWARDS & STEVEN WHYBROW, presented by Age Of Truth TV investigative reporter Lucas Alexander, is filmed at the AWAKEN WEEKEND DENMARK CONFERENCE, at Kauslunde Kro, Funen, Denmark, before a live audience.

CLAIRE EDWARDS is a British/Irish former United Nations editor and gave trainings at the United Nations in intercultural writing. She is an author, teacher and international speaker. She has a degree in French Language and Literature and a master’s degree in Intercultural Competence. While working at the UN, for many years she edited all the documents of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and its Legal, and Scientific and Technical subcommittees (such that she is familiar with space law and the particular issues of concern regarding use of the space orbits).

She is bicultural (English/Irish) and has lived in six different countries (England, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand and Austria) and speaks English, French, Japanese and German, in that order of competence.

STEVEN WHYBROW is a young British/Austrian Investigative Journalist, Truth and Conspiracy Researcher, Lecturer and 5–G activist, from Vienna, Austria. Analyst of the current world crisis of 2020.

He has been studying the global conspiracy network and can do lectures in both English and German. How is radiation connected to the demonic inter-dimensional entities also known as the Archons/Jinn, who according to the Gnostics can possess humans, and supposedly also Alien Extra-Terrestrial beings, such as the Reptilians and the Greys, to name a few.

Are these beings in fact connected to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) or are they actually A.I.? How is A.I. connected to the Illuminati, Secret Societies, U.N. Agenda 21, C-V and the World Order? AND how is all of this connected to the Cli-ma-te Change agenda and ultimately to electromagnetic frequencies?

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