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DAN JOHANNESSON ~ “`Smart´ World Order 5G Climate Change & The No-New Age Jesus”

Dan Johannesson is a Danish musician and recording artist, but also an author, blogger, conspiracy researcher and 5G activist against the forced implementation of the 5G network all over the world, and he has been speaking publicly out against the roll out of 5G and the coming Internet of things. He went from being a self-proclaimed New Age follower and has now turned to Christianity and believes in the word of Jesus Christ, and speaking against the esoteric New Age movement. Dan Johannesson has an academic background, but has also been studying false flags terror attacks and the New World Order agenda in politics and the financial system.

DAN JOHANNESSON is interviewed by Age Of Truth TV presenter and investigative reporter Lucas Alexander on October 12th, 2019.


– The New World Order Global One World Government agenda.
– 5G and the dangers and health effects of Electromagnetic radiation
and frequencies.
– Climate Change and Greta Thunberg.
– 9/11 which changed the world & The War on Terror.
– God & Jesus vs. The New Age philosophy.
– Illuminati, The Pyramid of Power and Secret Societies.
– ALIEN LIFE – Extra-Terrestrials – UFO´s.
– Mind Control & MK ULTRA.
– Chemtrails.
– Truth Movement discernment and scepticism.

…..all that and much more in this eye-opening edition of Age Of Truth TV with Dan Johannesson and AOT TV´s Lucas Alexander.

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The Age Of Truth TV interview was produced and filmed on
October 12th 2019
at the Age Of Truth TV studios.
& via ZOOM to Odense, Fyn


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