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DAVID ICKE ~ “The Mind Control Death Trap”

Interview by AGE OF TRUTH TV with the legendary British author, lecturer, journalist, investigative truth speaker and conspiracy researcher, David Icke in Copenhagen, Denmark on 11th October 2018.

Lucas Alexander interviews David Icke in this fascinating, compelling, eye-opening and sometimes mind-blowing follow-up episode, since the first Age Of Truth TV show in May 2011 – “A Controversial Icon: A Beginners Guide To David Icke”.

What happens to us when we die? That is probably life´s biggest mystery, and after 30 years of in-depth research into the paranormal, other-worldly phenomena, a complex global conspiracy and multiple realities and dimensions, David Icke offers a very different and alternative view of what death is and human consciousness, that goes way beyond all religious belief systems and popular spiritual philosophy.

Is Mind Control the most powerful weapon used on the world population today? David Icke has researched the Mind Control phenomena for several decades, which has led him into some very controversial dark places and discoveries: The collective Mind Control of human perception and consciousness, through sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Smart-technology and MK Ultra Trauma-based Mind Control – one of the most shocking forms of human torture. David Icke´s meetings and work with supposed former Project Monarch “Sex-kitten” Mind Controlled slaves to political dignitaries and royalty, Arizona Wilder, Cathy O´Brien and Brice Taylor, is discussed.

Otherworldly, Extra-Terrestrial and Inter-Dimensional entities and alien races, such as Archons and Reptilians, are some of the most controversial topics David Icke has become famous and infamous for writing and talking about since the 1990´s. But who are they, how do they function and do they fit into so-called Illuminati symbolism and satanic rituals, and in what way is the planet Saturn connected to Satan, and how does it control the Earth and our realm of existence.

It´s an 1 hour 15 minutes of hard-talk with one of the worlds most controversial men who, according to himself, at the beginning of his “awakening” to an entirely different world, couldn´t “fill a phone booth” with people wanting to hear him speak, he is now packing arenas, like Wembley Arena in London and venues all over the world on many continents. David Icke was in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2018, on his “Everything You Need To Know” Tour, where this interview by Lucas Alexander for Age Of Truth TV took place.


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