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DIANE VINCENTZ ~ “Freedom – Personal Sovereignty – Truth & Anthroposophy”

DIANE VINCENTZ ~ "Freedom - Personal Sovereignty - Truth & Anthroposophy" [Age Of Truth TV] [HD]

In-depth, fascinating, eye-opening table-talk conversation with DIANE VINCENTZ, who is an American InPower Movement Representative in Denmark, Anthroposophist & Rudolf Steiner scholar and teacher, Researcher, Activist Lecturer, Public Speaker and Rehabilitation Therapist. In a hard-talk with AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter, Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander:
“Freedom – Personal Sovereignty – Truth & Anthroposophy”.

What is REAL freedom? What is InPower Movement? What is the Notice Of Liability? What Natural Law principles vs. Common Law and Roman Law? Who was Rudolf Steiner really and what is Anthroposophy? Are we living in the New World Order power structure already?

All this and much much more, when Lucas Alexander is joined by the formidable Diane Vincentz, who was born in Chicago, Illinois USA, but has lived and studied all over the world, in England, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.

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