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“DNA Activation – Trauma Healing & Demonic Possession” ~ CATALIN TOMESCU

"DNA Activation - Trauma Healing & Demonic Possession" ~ CATALIN TOMESCU [Age Of Truth TV] [HD]

CATALIN TOMESCU is a young man from Romania, who has had a fascinating life and background, healing his own trauma and has been working in the field of spiritual healing since a very early age. He is a DNA ACTIVATOR, MENTAL TRAINER, BIO-ENERGY EXPERT, TRAUMA HEALER and SPIRITUAL TEACHER & COACH, who also works with clearing people from Demonic Archon Possession and Past-Life Karma Healing and Energy Cleansing. He is also a Truth Researcher. Living in Bucharest, Romania, but has worked in different countries and has on-line courses and webinars with people from all over the world.

Catalin Tomescu joins Age Of Truth TV´s Investigative Reporter and Presenter, Lucas Alexander, for a fascinating and amazing in-depth interview. Filmed on the 15th of December 2020.


Born on 18.10.1988 in Bucharest, Romania.
He graduated in Business Management at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest.
He discovered Tibetan Buddhism in 2008 and started meditating.
Since 2009 he is a bioenergy expert and mental trainer.
In 2014 – Catalin started professional consulting online ​​ for DNANActivation experiences. (Meaning DNA Activation in Romanian)

In 2014 he started partnership with Private Medical Clinic for helping people support healing mechanisms of the body through reseting the nervous system to its original template for health. Since then, Catalin witnessed “miraculous” recoveries of his patients who suffered from a broad range of symptoms.

Since 2015 Catalin has been helping entrepreneurs, artists and young talents all over the world for creative flow, mental taughness and remote healing. Catalin also showbpresentations on developing intuition, trauma integration, higher self embodiment, spiritual possession and sovereignty. His private group experience achievement of expanded level of consciousness in his private classes. He officially introduced DNA ACTIVATION at Annual Conference of European Transpersonal Psychology Association at Predeal, 2016.

He researched for over 5 years with the GDV device the human aura energy measurements, analysing biophoton emissions in the body that are linked to unresolved issues or hidden symptoms in the body.

In 2017 – He started studying Geobiology and Environmental Radiation Reduction with Geovital Academy from Austria to successfully reduce EMF radiation emissions in the bedroom and in the office. He does radiation assessment up to this date.

Since 2018, Catalin began a partnership with the wife of late Slim Spurling, sole inventor of the mysterious cubit measurement copper energy tools. This has helped Catalin to grow his professional practice into achieving high level success with human therapy and environmental pollution clearing.

He also studied dowsing in Germany to block geopathic zones and restore living spaces to become healthy again.

In 2019 Catalin was invited to Conservatory of Saarbrucken in Germany to train music students and experienced musical artists to overcome fear and anxiety, develop emotional intelligence and improve performances through mental training and bioenergy work. He has worked with artists from Germany, France, Luxembourg and Romania.

Catalin is a passionate mountain biker, computer nerd, dna activation ceremony leader and a Truth Researcher.

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