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EMI ÁCS ~ “Heroine To The Homeless & The Illegal Government”

AGE OF TRUTH TV take to the streets of Budapest to discover extreme poverty and homelessness with A REBEL FIGHTER – AN ANGEL OF THE STREET – A HEROINE TO THE HOMELESS……. that is some of the names or titles one could give a very special Hungarian lady, EMI ÁCS, who is working tirelessly for the thousands of homeless people, without a job or a home on the streets of the otherwise beautiful city of Budapest.

She claims that the Hungarian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, is in fact an illegal Government who has changed the country´s constitution without the people´s vote or consent, from a basic law (the constitution) to a fundamental law. This gives them the rights to changes rules and regulations and implement new laws at will.

In a very eye-opening, controversial and candid interview hard-talk with Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, Emi Ács will go deep into the history of Hungary, a former eastern European country, who was under the Communist regime during the Cold War. She is presenting the claims from the Hungarian Constitutional Resistance, that the government is not the “real” government, but a privately owned organisation, and she is inviting us on a trip to the streets of Budapest, to see what she does for the homeless on a daily basis.

– Could this happen anywhere else in the world as well?
– How much are we told through the mainstream media?
– And how is Hungarian born top-elite business magnate GEORGE
SOROS involved?
……….these are some of the questions asked in this Age Of Truth TV special.

EMI ÁCS (pronounced “Emmy Arch”) is a Hungarian company Sales Manager, Social Activist, Political Activist, Truth Speaker and Homeless helper on a street level, providing food, warm drinks, care and necessities to the countless homeless people wandering the streets of Budapest. The Government of Hungary has made a new law, that the homeless cannot sleep or stay on the street, and can arrest a homeless person for not having a home and put them in prison!
This makes for a compelling and fascinating look into the darker corners of a great European city.

This Age Of Truth TV show was produced and filmed on location in Budapest, Hungary on January 13 & 15, 2019.


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