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ESEN SEKERKARAR ~ “Mindfulness – UFO´s & Aliens and Quantum Love Spirituality”

A powerful, spiritual and deep conversation on MINDFULNESS – the power of your thoughts, spiritual practises, meditation, law of attraction, religion, quantum science and philosophy – and UFO´s and the ALIEN EXISTENCE IN THE UNIVERSE and THE MULTIVERSE – with the fascinating and talented Mindfulness & MBSR Teacher, coach, founder of MindfulnessHub, and former UFO researcher, ESEN SEKERKARAR.

Esen Sekerkarar shares her fascinating and unusual lifestory with AGE OF TRUTH TV presenter Lucas Alexander, in this 2019 interview.

A muslim-born woman from Turkey, who became of the youngest international speakers at UFO conferences all over the world and the MUFON representative to Turkey, Esen Sekerkarar went on an unusual path revealing secrets about UFO´s and Alien life and the military´s knowledge of Extra-Terrestrial existence.

She was the founder of the first UFO Center in Istanbul, Turkey. She also became a business woman, living in both the United States, England, Switzerland and Denmark, and is based in London, England as a highly skilled and talented MINDFULNESS and MBSR teacher to people from all walks of life. She participated in and completed the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher Training Pathway of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness which is founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Esen Sekerkarar has been organising international events since 1999 and she was a co-writer of a weekly documentary programme which was broadcast on one of the national TV channels. Her articles appeared in worldwide magazines and journals.

Her continuous interest in spirituality, consciousness and self-development inspired her to attend various related events since an early age. She founded “Conscious Lifeworks” in 2014 and “MindfulnessHUB” in 2018 in order to share knowledge and tools that would help us all towards a conscious and enlightened human evolution.


Selected TOPICS DISCUSSED on the show:


– What is Mindfulness and why is it so important?
– How can Mindfulness be used as one of the most important tools in
discovering oneself and find a new approach to life?
– Overcoming chronic pain, anxiety and stress.
– Can meditation and Mindfulness be used to possibly discovering the
mysteries of the universe we live in?
– Why is Mindfulness NOT a religion or a spiritual practise?
– How is Mindfulness connected to spirituality and different religions?
– The Law of Attraction (and “The Secret”).
– Getting rid of self-sabotaging and destructive thought patterns.
– The shocking truth about the official Turkish UFO cases, reported by
the military and government officials.
– UFO and Alien existence in the universe and on Planet Earth.
– How many ALIEN races and types are there?
– Quantum physics, quantum science, quantum love.
– Did Nikola Tesla discover the secret code to the universe?
– FREE ENERGY! What would happen to the world, if we had access to
– Lucid Dreaming.
– What happens to us when we die? Is there a reincarnation soul trap?
– Nonduality.
– Educational programming and the “fascination” of darkness and the
– What is time and are we conneceted to multiple timelines.
– The multiverse with numerous parallel realities.

…….that is just some of the topics Esen Sekerkarar is discussing in this Age Of Truth TV interview with Lucas Alexander.

It´s a 2-hour dynamic and uplifting interview with an extraordinary lady, who is doing things her way.

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The HD interview was filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 7 2018.

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