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“Freedom & Sovereignty – Natural Law & Notice Of Liability” ~ CAL WASHINGTON

An in-depth, eye-opening new AGE OF TRUTH TV show featuring the Author of the Notice of Liability and the CEO and Co-founder of the InPower Movement, CAL WASHINGTON, joins Age Of Truth TV´s Investigative Reporter and Presenter, Lucas Alexander, for a really extraordinary and amazing in-depth hard-talk about his amazing journey, becoming a sovereign being in a world restricted by total government and financial control.

Securing Life, Liberty, and Property For All Through Accountability.

The InPower community is culturally, governmentally, and geographically diverse, but has a common bond: the need to have authority over one’s health and home. Regardless of where you live in the world today, people have fewer choices when it comes to certain technology and services, and often have no choices when it comes to medical interventions with no recourse for bodily harm.

CAL WASHINGTON is also a musician (drummer) and a Truth and Conspiracy Researcher, with a wide range of knowledge and understanding of our universal connection and beyond the Earthly realm, especially Universal and NATURAL LAW PRINCIPLES.

It will be FASCINATING and INFORMATIVE show, filmed at the Age Of Truth TV studios in Copenhagen, Denmark & to al Washington via ZOOM to Vancouver, Canada.

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