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In Loving Memory Of Dr. RAUNI KILDE

The formidable, controversial and extraordinary former Chief Medical Officer for Finland, Doctor, Best-selling author and Truth Researcher, Dr. RAUNI KILDE (Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde) sadly passed away on February 8, 2015. She was 75 years old and was still going strong to the end, on a lifelong truth mission, in a tireless effort to bring alternative and hidden information, awareness and spiritual understanding to the world.

In this Age Of Truth TV special “In Loving Memory Of Dr. Rauni Kilde” presented by Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, she is remembered by a couple of her friends and colleagues; British truth researcher and producer of the BASES PROJECT, Miles Johnston, Norwegian truth researcher and friend to Rauni Kilde, Anne Hess, Danish-born author, lecturer, truth researcher, Ole Dammegård and Age Of Truth TV photographer and co-producer, Lauge Felix Black.

Dr. Rauni Kilde was a pioneer in the world of truth seeking and she will missed by many in the same field of conspiracy research, the paranormal and alternative medicine. She was lecturing all over the world, giving speeches to large crowds. Her books were best-sellers and included topics like:

– Spirituality
– Paranormal Activity
– Telepathy
– Out Of Body Experiences
– Mind Control
– Medicine, Vaccines, Big Pharma companies for depopulation control
– New World Order
– Illuminati
– The Bilderberg Group
– Trilateral Commisson
– UFO´s / Aliens
– Financial Crisis
– Chemtrails
– Radiation, Dangers of mobile phone, WIFI
– Surveillance & Big Brother community
– Sexuality – homosexuality, transsexuality, peadophilia, feminism
and women/men relations
– Council Of Foreign Relations
– Religions & The New Pope and the Vatican

Dr. Rauni Kilde did 2 documentary film-interviews for Age Of Truth TV and one conference video from the Age Of Truth TV live-premiere of the first AOT TV film:

“The Grande Dame Of Consciousness” in 2012:…

& “Global Illumination & Spiritual Awareness” was made in 2013:…


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