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INGUNN SIGURDSDATTER ~ “The Freedom Rebel Who Renounced The State”

A brave, bold, kind-hearted and daring FREEDOM REBEL, Ingunn Sigurdsdatter from Norway, has renounced the state, in fact the entire system, and no longer wanted to be “owned” and “a slave to the government and the state”, as she refers to it. She has gone down an almost impossible and difficult road, that very few have dared to go before her. She chose an unusual path in her life in order to RECLAIM HER OWN SOVEREIGNTY, to take charge of her own life and call herself a true independant and FREE WOMAN! WHY has she done what she has done? And how about democracy?

“THE FREEDOM REBEL WHO RENOUNCED THE STATE” – a new 1-hour 50 mins. in-depth hard-talk conversation, led by AGE OF TRUTH TV ´s Lucas Alexander, is a compelling, unusual, captivating and extremely controversial interview with Truth researcher, lecturer, clairvoyant, spiritual guide and healer, Ingunn Sigurdsdatter.

After GIVING UP HER CITIZENSHIP, her passport, social security number, REFUSING TO PAY TAXES and renouncing all ties to the system altogether, she had countless encounters with the police, military, lawyers and the government. She gave up her house and everything else, and even traveled through Europe and across the Atlantic ocean without her passport to a remote island, where she met “THE ANGEL OF DEATH” and almost died from a sudden life-threatening illness, before everything changed for her spiritually, and a new turbulent life began for her in Brazil.

In order to understand the world she was living in, and how to get out of the system, Ingunn Sigurdsdatter began an adventurous journey of research into dark areas of discovering how the system works, who controls the world finances, the New World Order population plan, the political totalitarian control system and the occult forces behind the state and government. She experienced “the other world” outside of our 3-dimensional frequency, by the use of clairvoyance, meditation and even met inter-dimensional beings during several Ayahuasca trips, that changed her life and view of the universe and the world around her, understanding that death is nothing to fear.

Ingunn continues to fight the system, but WITH LOVE, as she says. She is on her own very unique path to freedom, spiritual journey – a so-called awakening. From having been a “good decent citizen”, having been a university teacher, she is now a spiritual teacher and healer, encouraging and guding people to understand “who they really are, and where they come from”.

This is the unique story of INGUNN SIGURDSDATTER aka “Mina” – filmed by Age Of Truth TV on 2 different occasions within the timespan of 4 years: At the Open Mind Conference Denmark on 21 September 2014 and in Copenhagen on 24 October 2018.

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