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JASON CHRISTOFF ~ “Mind Control Deprogramming From Global Lies & Egyptian Occultism”

JASON CHRISTOFF ~“Mind Control Deprogramming From Global Lies & Egyptian Occultism”[Age Of Truth TV]

JASON CHRISTOFF is an inspiration to many!
How can you change your MIND?
How can you TRANSFORM your life?
How can you become the SUCCESS you weren´t previously?
How can your break the dark spell of your Mind Controlled state of being?

He is a Canadian Health and Wellness Coach, a Self-Sabotaging Expert and Teacher, a Businessman who transformed his own life and now has a school for transformational growth, self-sabotaging techniques, deprogramming your MIND CONTROL patterns created by the system and everyone around you. He teaches people to MIND CONTROL their own minds in a new way, a good way, in order to become successful and change your self-sabotaging old patterns.

Jason Christoff is also a Truth Researcher and talks to AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, about the occult forces behind the scenes steering and controlling this world, and how to break the dark spell that is prohibiting people from personal and spiritual growth and success. He also takes the viewers into the more esoteric realm, explaining how the Illuminati top elite is still using ancient Egyptian symbolism, numerology, gematria and astrology for control purposes.

It is a fascinating, inspirational and in-depth hard-talk interview on Age Of Truth TV with Jason Christoff.


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