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JAY PARKER ~ “MK-Ultra Mind Control Satanic Sex Slave & Illuminati Secrets”

An extremely DARK and sinister lifestory that will take you beyond what you may have thought was possible! What human beings are capable of doing to each other, and more specifically to children. A personal tale that also includes Aliens and UFO´s.

JAY PARKER claims to be a mind-controlled sexually abused MK-Ultra Project Monarch slave in a cruel Satanic cult. Born into a multi-generational Satanic, Illuminati family where he experienced trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse since birth and was forced to take part in satanic ritual sacrifices. He grew up in a couple of elite pedophile satanic villages. Jay Parker was exposed to the most horrendous horrors and eventually suffered minor brain damage before his long process of deprogramming, and becoming free from his mind-controlled compartmentalised state. A journey towards recovery. He claims to be part of an Illuminati bloodline.

In this in-depth, hard-talk interview with AGE OF TRUTH TV presenter Lucas Alexander, Jay Parker is describing the horrors he went through, what really happened and how he was able to recover his memories and find spiritual growth and a new understanding of life.

Jay Parker was also an alien abductee and has extensive knowledge of different alien races visiting planet Earth, working with elite factions of the government and the secret military. He talks about how horrifying satanic rituals are conducted, sacrificing children and animals, which is protected by elite forces and how our world really functions behind the scenes.
– Are we living in a Matrix. What is the universe all about?
– How is Saturn connected?
– What happens when we die? Is reincarnation a soul harvesting trap.
– Who are the Archons, Demons and Angels?
– What is Christianity really vs. a “true God”?
– How can we get out of the fear trap and the Matrix?
– What is EFT?
– Can Satanists really summon and evoke The Devil?
– Who was the “Marquis Of Hell”?
– Is there a difference between the Freemasons and the Illuminati?

…………these and MANY other mind-blowing questions and topics are debated in this 2 hour 10 minute AGE OF TRUTH TV interview, filmed with Lucas Alexander at the AOT TV studios in Copenhagen. Denmark and with Jay Parker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on February 14th 2019.

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