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JOHN KITSON ~ “5G – The Fifth Element of Total Destruction”

A fascinating, direct and compelling in-depth interview with British 5G activist and political candidate, JOHN KITSON by Age Of Truth TV´s investigative reporter and presenter, Lucas Alexander.

5G – THE GREAT DANGER TO THE WORLD. A silent invisible weapon with potentially massive health effects, and a tool for mass surveillance.

John Kitson is a British 5G researcher. He got involved in spreading awareness about 5G in 2017 after quitting his job in Japan as a recruitment consultant. In 2019 John Kitson were running as a political candidate to become a Member of Parliament in Britain in the British election. He runs the website and youtube channel 5g awareness, and is a public speaker all over the world about the dangers of rolling out 5G internationally.


– 5G – on all levels.
– The dangers and health effect of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies.
– Cancer and the effect on insects, plants and animals.
– The roll-out of a destructive and lethal power weapon.
– Climate Change – and how is it connected to 5G.
– DEW – Directed Energy Weapons.
– Phased Arrays.
– U.N. Agenda 21 & The Club Of Rome plan.
– Running as a politician to become an MP, Member of Parliament in Britain.
– New World Order & Secret Societies.
– Smartmeters.
– Massive global surveillance.

……..all that and much more when John Kitson is interviewed by Age Of Truth TV´s Lucas Alexander in Copenhagen, Denmark in this hard-talk, table-talk interview filmed on the 24th November 2019.

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