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JOHN LEAR ~ “Godfather Of Conspiracies”

John Lear has been called the “Godfather Of Conspiracies”!
He is the owner of an extraordinary library of books, pictures and memorabilia on probably all imaginable conspiracy theories and revelations of deep-state military secrets and the UFO and E.T. phenomena.

John Olsen Lear is a retired airline captain. A pilot on commercial airlines, and has a long career behind him flying to far-away destinations all over the world, who at one point worked for the CIA, as a pilot flying weapons and ammunition.

He became interested in UFO´s, alien civilizations, all kinds of conspiracy research and secret knowledge hidden from the generel population, which led him on an extraordinary and unusual path. John Lear is not afraid of being very controversial and his view on the world continues to both fascinate and shock people.

In this mind-blowing, eye-opening and extremely controversial 2-hour in-depth hard-talk special, interviewed by Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, John Lear is sharing his views and beliefs on different other-worldly topics:

– E.T. alien races on planet Earth, inside the Earth and around the universe: EBE´ns, Greys, Praying
Mantis beings, Reptilians etc.
– Civilisations on the Moon, on Mars and on many other planets.
– Highly sophisticated alien technology.
– The Rings of Saturn and the significance of Saturn.
– The fake Moon landing, filmed by Stanley Kubrick.
– Secret underground military bases. Area 51, Groom Lake, Nazi bases on Antarctica – and Hitlers
escape to Argentina. Nazi scientists working for the U.S. government.
– 9/11 – “The holographic planes that hit the tower”. Judy Wood vs. Architects & Engineers of 9/11
Truth. Who was behind?
– The JFK assassination. Who really did it?
– CIA operations & Majestic 12.
– The Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017. Who was Stephen Paddock?
– Mind Control.
– Bob Lazar and secret revelations.
– Billy Meier.
– Nikola Tesla.
– Cloaking and invisibility devices & directed energy weapons.
– Death. What happens to us when we die?

…….that, and much more.


Filmed on location in Las Vegas, Nevada
January 30, 2018.

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