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KEITH M. HUNTER ~ “Occult Mysteries, Alien Gods & Real Birthdate Of Christ”

British author, lecturer and mythology researcher, KEITH M. HUNTER has been studying ancient mythology and the Bible for years. He has discovered an alternative way – a secret code – to interpret dates in the Bible and the story of Jesus, with the use of numbers, occult mysticism and ancient star constellations. WHAT IS THE REAL BIRTHDATE OF JESUS CHRIST? That is one of the major revelations in this brand new AGE OF TRUTH TV interview. That, a lot of other incredible and fascinating alternative information, when Keith M. Hunter takes the viewers on an interesting journey – a 2-hour eye-opening lecture with a slideshow: OCCULT PHYSICS – WORLD MYSTERIES – FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. Alternative history, supposedly known to The Illuminati and previously to ancient civilisations, which included Alien/Extra-Terrestrial beings on Earth, according to Hunter.

During the first 1 hour 20 minutes, Age Of Truth TV presenter, Lucas Alexander, will be asking a lot of in-depth hard-talk style questions to Keith M. Hunter, who is joining AOT TV via an on-line connection to England. After that first Q&A section, Keith M. Hunter will be giving his fascinating 2 hour lecture, and by the end of the presentation, Lucas Alexander will be returning with Hunter to ask questions about the controversial claim that Jesus was NOT born on Christmas day, 25 December, but on an entirely different date and month, which Hunter will reveal.


– RELIGION: Is the Bible telling you the truth?
– When could Jesus and other Biblical figures actually have been
born? Wrong Holy Days?
– Ancient Star Alignments and Star Constellations.
– Alien Gods and Alien Civilisations.
– The Ancients: Egyptians, Greeks, Sumerians, Mayans…..
– The Calendar System. Looking for codes.
– Numerology and Numbers Numbers Numbers….
– Climate Change Hoax and Global Warming Political-Media scare.
– Flat Earth Theory vs. Hollow Earth Theory.
– Parallel Universes.
– Immanuel Velikovsky´s work. Inspiration and Flaws.
– “The X-Files” & “Clash Of The Titans” & “Knowing”. Truth in mythology
– Sin, Gods Wrath and Lust.
– ARCHONS – Demiurge, Demons, Jinns! Evil soul-eating entities?
– The Death Trap “fake white light” vs. Heaven.

……THAT and much more as we take you on a 3-hour-20-mins long journey with KEITH M. HUNTER.


Filmed at AOT TV:
Copenhagen, Denmark
19 December 2018
Via ZOOM On-Line to Barnsley, United Kingdom
Interviewed by Lucas Alexander for Age Of Truth TV.


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