KERRY CASSIDY & BRAD OLSEN ~ “Remembering JORDAN MAXWELL ~ Tribute Part 1”

“Remembering JORDAN MAXWELL ~ Tribute Part 1”

The late great legendary Author, Lecturer, Scholar, Truth & Conspiracy Researcher JORDAN MAXWELL sadly passed away on March 23rd, 2022. He was 82 years old and leaves and impressive legacy in the world of truth research.

KERRY CASSIDY from Project Camelot, Investigative Reporter & BRAD OLSEN, Author, Lecturer, Publisher & Conspiracy Researcher in an in-depth, fascinating and interview on AGE OF TRUTH TV, interviewed by AOT TV Presenter & Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, on the life, work and legacy of Jordan Maxwell and what he meant to the truth movement,
“Remembering JORDAN MAXWELL ~ Tribute Part 1”


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