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LARS MUHL ~ “The Mystic Wayseer Rockstar: UFO´s, Jesus & Demons & 5G Prisoners”

Former Danish Rockstar, singer and musician LARS MUHL has become an international Wayseer, a spiritual speaker and lecturer all over the world, a Mystery School teacher, truth seeker and author of numerous best-selling books on the esoteric, ancient religions and holy scriptures, universal knowledge, truth seeing and the occult. He is also a cultural activist and a critical controversial public voice against the roll-out of 5G. He is urging the people of the world to WAKE UP in order to understand who they are and use their full potential.

A UFO witness and experiencer, Lars Muhl is certain of endless Alien, Extra-Terrestrial civilisations in other star systems, and possibly on Earth. How are we – human beings – connected to other dimensions?

Interviewed by AGE OF TRUTH TV´s Lucas Alexander in June 2019.

Here is the incredible life-story of a famous artist whose life changed dramatically when he fell deeply ill and was bedridden for 3 years, until he met a spiritual Wayseer, medium and clairvoyant who changed his life overnight. Lars Muhl has made an eye-opening documentary about this man, Calle de Montségur aka. THE SEER. Lars Muhl became “the wizards apprentice” and opened up to a completely new and adventurous life, now having become an inspiration to many people, not only in his native Denmark, but around the world with his lectures, speeches and spiritual seminars.



– Where do we GO when we die?
– Can we ESCAPE THE ARCHON-DEMONS? What is God / Source?
– WHO WAS JESUS REALLY? Did the Church LIE about Jesus and his
“initiated” Mary Magdalene?
– Why is JESUS such an important figure? To keep us in fear of wrong-
doing – or for greater enlightenment?
– 5G – THE ROLL-OUT of the 5th generation of dangerous
electromagnetic fields and radiation. WHY DO “THEY” DO IT? And
why in such a hurry?
– The media in Denmark claims that anti-5G activists are spreading
Russian disinformation! WHY? Why is Lars Muhl being targeted for
speaking out against 5G and warning us about the possible health
effects? Life threatening technology and A.I.
– New Age Good? New Age Bad? New World vs. New World Order.
– ENERGY IS EVERYTHING. Frequencies, Energy, Vibrations – the grand
universal connection. The frequency change.
– Self-development, Healing, Regression, Meditation, Clairvoyance.
– A unique life-journey. From rock singer to truth seeker and soul
– The climate change crisis
– Lucid Dreaming
– Soul Contracts

………and this and much more in this intense, spirited and dynamic 2 hour 10 mins. conversation with Age Of Truth TV presenter and investigative interviewer Lucas Alexander.

Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 12, 2019.


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