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Age Of Truth TV reporter Lucas Alexander spoke to “We Are Change” founder and investigative journalist, Luke Rudkowski, in front of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 30, 2014, where the annual Bilderberg Group meeting is taking place in 2014.

On the May 29, 1954 – exactly to the date, 60 years ago, the Bilderberg Group had their very first and very secret meeting where politicians, businessmen, media moguls, scientists, movers and shakers and even royalty meet to discuss world issues, world events and ideas.

Because of the secrecy, the conspiracy theories about what is going on inside the meetings, are many and complex. The implementation of the New World Order, a one world government, and the creation of the European Union, are some of the most prominent.

There are also many facts exposed in recent years about the Bilderberg Group meeting, and Luke Rudkowski is one of the more recognizable figures in the Truth movement.

Luke Rudkowski has particularly become widely known within truth researching circles for confronting high-level politicians, like Henry Kissinger and many others, directly.

© Age Of Truth TV – 30 May 2014

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