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MAX IGAN ~ “Archons & Puppet Masters Of The Empire Of The Three Cities”

Age Of Truth TV presents a fascinating speaker from Australia!
MAX IGAN – one of Australia´s leading authorities in the field of conspiracy research and truth seeking.
Originally a musician and artist, Max Igan´s destiny changed drastically after his so-called “awakening” to what “really is going on the world that we have never been told”. He became a succesful full-time lecturer in many countries around the world, as well as an author, radiohost and filmmaker. Max Igan is connecting countless dots and pieces in a very complex puzzle, trying to uncover the truth of what is going on behind the scenes of the ruling elites of the world, the called Illuminati banking cartel and manipulative political system.

Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander sat down to talk to Max Igan about his extraordinary, eye-opening and highly controversial claims of how the world is run, and his alternative world view, during the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2014. An intense conversation relevant at any point in time, during these turbulent changing times.


– The Puppet Masters behind the Empire of the 3 Cities! What are
the 3 most important cities in the world, that in fact are little
independant powerful states, which the general public is unaware
– The Illuminati bloodline families “who run the world”.
– The Archons, the parasitic force, The Reptilians and the Nag
Hammadi scriptures.
– Evil is NEEDED is to keep us growing? Truth?
– Debt slaves to the system. Is real freedom an illusion?
– Reincarnation and the afterlife. Past live vs. future lives.
– The New World Order Vatican State.
– GMO / Chemtrails / Flouride.
– The massive war on the human body computer.
– Atoms and no solidity. “Nothing has ever been touched”!
– David Icke and other truth personalities.
– The New Age movement and spiritual narcissism.
– Religious mind and spirit control.
– Discovering the perfection of yourself.

All this and much more in this compelling 55 mins. Age Of Truth TV episode featuring a dynamic and knowledgable Max Igan.

Filmed at the Open Mind Conference
Copenhagen, Denmark
20 September 2014



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