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MAYA ZAHIRA ~ “Djinn & Demon Possession & False Light Teachers”

MAYA ZAHIRA ~ "Djinn & Demon Possession & False Light Teachers" [Age Of Truth TV]

You are IN for a wild ride this time of AGE OF TRUTH TV with Author, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Researcher & Teacher, Reiki Healer and a true “Djinn and Demon Hunter” – MAYA ZAHIRA!

Maya Zahira joins Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander for a most fascinating, occult, in-depth and controversial conversation and interview about DJINN & DEMON POSSESSION! How NO human being is safe from these evil inter-dimensional invaders, that can cause both mental disorders, destruction and physical diseases on the body, are they not carefully removed. She has created the platform Psychic Protection Sanctuary, where she works with clients and students.

Maya Zahira also talks extensively about all the FALSE LIGHT FAKE PHONEY SPIRITUAL TEACHERS and Guru´s in the field of TRUTH RESEARCH and SPIRITUAL ESOTERIC NEW AGE CIRCLES.

Join us for a great and informative show!

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