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MICHAEL HORN ~ “Real or Fake UFO´s? & The Controversial Story of BILLY MEIER”

We enter 2020 with an explosive, intense, dynamic and fascinating interview-conversation with UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Documentary Filmmaker and the English-speaking representative for the controversial reclusive Swiss UFO photographer and Alien contactee – BILLY MEIER!

Michael Horn is interviewed by AOT TV´s Lucas Alexander in this compelling and controversial edition of Age Of Truth TV.

IS BILLY MEIER A FRAUD OR IS HE REAL? Who is Billy Meier really, and if his extraordinary story and photographic evidence is real, how come HE WAS CHOSEN to predict prophecies of world events and disasters to come, told by his alien contacts from the Pleiadian Star System? Why was Billy Meier “allowed” to take all these numerous photographs of UFO crafts? Is he in fact linked to the deep-state military – or the New World Order power-elite?

Michael Horn is calling the Billy Meier case, the ONLY authentic UFO case with real evidence! He has spent 40 year researching the Billy Meier case, and become very controversial in the field of UFOlogy and amongst researchers into Alien, E.T. existence on planet Earth and all over the universe.

Michael Horn claims that Billy Meier, through his E.T. contacts have given warnings about man-made Climate Change as early as 1951, and many times thereafter, and he claims that Climate Change is very much man-made. This is leading the conversation into an interesting area, discussing The Club of Rome, New World Order plans and U.N. Agenda 21 and much more.

In 2004, after 25 years of research into Meier’s information, Michael Horn became the voluntary Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. Michael gives national and international multi-media presentations, university lectures, interviews, etc., and makes frequent media appearances representing the Meier contacts ….



– Did Billy Meier take all the numerous photographs of REAL UFO´s from
elsewhere in the universe, Alien crafts, or could they be man-made advanced
military technology?
– Is Billy Meier a TRUE Alien contactee, and a chosen prophet, or is he part of a
military cover-up, promoting a secret New World Order agenda plan?
– Is Climate Change really man-made, or is there an agenda behind the massive
media propaganda about Global Warming, through f.ex. Greta Thunberg.
– U.N. Agenda 21
– New World Order
– The DARK ORDER (aka. Illuminati)
– The Club Of Rome
– Prophecies from Billy Meier about world catastrophes.
– UFO researchers/ UFO community vs. Billy Meier and Michael Horn.
– 5G roll-out and the danger of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies.
– REINCARNATION! Is it a soul-trap?

……all this and much much more when AGE OF TRUTH TV presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander is interviewing Michael Horn in this hard-talk explosive 2 hour 22 min. show.

Filmed on December 5, 2019 at the Age Of Truth TV studios in
Copenhagen, Denmark, and via ZOOM to Flagstaff Arizona, USA.


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