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NICOLA LIGHT ~ “E.T. Language Interpreter Of Spiritual Messages & NDE Walk-In”

NICOLA LIGHT ~ "E.T. Language Interpreter Of Spiritual Messages & NDE Walk-In" [Age Of Truth TV]

NICOLA LIGHT is channelling messages of light and self-healing and understanding, as Extra-Terrestrial and Interdimensional Star-being communicate through her, but she has seen and faced the darkness on different levels.

Nicola Light joins AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, for an amazing, in-depth, eye-opening and “spiritually scientific” discussion about life, it´s highs and lows, personal and spiritual growth, clairvoyance, channelling, real guides and disinforming false-light guides and gurus. About the mass awakening, the political NWO implementation and how to be a sovereign being and being guided without being steered and controlled. How to break free of the collective mind-control. Nicola Light speaks with E.T. beings, and these languages are waveform vibrations that you either feel and understand, or you don´t.

Nicola Light is a Reiki Healer and Teacher as well as being a Near Death Experiencer and what she calls, a “Walk-In”.

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