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“Occult Revelations Of A Young Wizard” = HALLOWEEN TRINITY SHOW ~ AKOS MONDOVICI

"Occult Revelations Of A Young Wizard" = HALLOWEEN TRINITY SHOW ~ AKOS MONDOVICI [Age Of Truth TV]


Fascinating, informative, mind-boggling and extremely intense and Eye-opening 3rd episode of AGE OF TRUTH TV with our guest, AKOS MONDOVICI from Romania. Interviewed by Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.

The Theory of Everything – is The Key to the Universe, according to our guest, joining us for the 3rd time on Age Of Truth TV. This is our Halloween Trinity show.

But who is this young guy really? What is his Truth?
How is his world compatible to the surrounding world around him?
Why is something he calls “sooo simple”, still soo confusing and difficult to understand for most people, when he ventures out to explain “the nature of reality”.
The magical world of Numbers, Structures, Words, Colours and Symbolism.
Is his “Theory of Everything” a combination of hidden truths mixed with religion, a constant frequency of polarity and duality. The darkness and the light. A complex simplistic Enigma. Why the emphasis on the darkness, when his message is of light and love = 1055 = LOVE!
And – 3-6-9 – Key numbers.
Nikola Tesla said:
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

And who is Akos Mondovici? – The number 69! 33rd year – a crucial year on the planet, where the world changed. The same year where his Theory is presented, as he wants to change the world, along with all of us.

But what IS the TRUTH? Does he really see himself as a “saviour”? Does this emanate from the purity of the heart = He-ART! Or is this a complex combination of a Kabbalistic genius, the ravings of a mad man, the incarnation of THOTH – the Atlantean Priest-King, the picture of Dorian Gray, the Vampire Lestat – defeating yet merging with the Queen of the Damned….both Echo and Narcissus in one.

How do we best understand what he is saying?
Let´s find out!
It´s time for Truth – Love – Confrontations and Awareness!
He has a new video out called “The Theory Of Love”
Is this a message from GOD – or Archons?
Or from Kaos or Akos?

We are delighted and pleased to welcome Akos Mondovici ONCE MORE to our show.

Akos Mondovici studied automatics and mathematics and graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF POLITEHNICA from Timisoara, Romania. Mathematical modeling of a system and automation. A sharp mathematical mind, who went down discovery lane, studying Kabbalism, Science, Quantum Physics, M-theory, Psychology, Numerology, Symbolism, Masonry, Crystals and nature bio-communication and luminescence (colors), Religions as theology and mathematics and modeling.

Akos Mondovici is a also a musician and performer, and have been a bass-player and singer in several bands, and his main hobby has always been frequency and music.

Akos says: “I always thought, that music has more to it, than just the “surface” variables we use, so I built my own studio and started experimenting with sound. I am a truth seeker and got in 999 subjects from ancient civilizations, to almost all conspiracy theories. After that I got into more concrete stuff as M-theory and String Theory with quantum mathematical modeling. After 7 years of studying these subjects, I realized that everything is a story and the variables, what we work with, has to have a different approach, a simplistic understanding, that encompasses the all, ready to be expanded as symbols (Da Vinci Code). I never renounced the research, even if it got me into uncharted territory. I kept all this to myself, until I really was sure, that the information I stumbled upon, can be verified and made use of in real life, but also in the realm of thought. I consider myself a lone wolf researcher, but it´s time to share my truth”.


LINK to his new video “245 THEORY OF LOVE”:

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