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OLE DAMMEGÅRD ~ “False Flags & Secret Conspiracies”

Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander interviews internationally acclaimed truth speaker, the Danish born author, conspiracy researcher, lecturer, yoga teacher and artist, Ole Dammegård.

Ole Dammegård is one of the worlds leading researchers into the JFK (John F. Kennedy) and Olof Palme assasinations and is the author of the 1000+ page book “Coup D´Etat In Slow Motion” about the infamous death of Palme, the Swedish prime minister.
He is also researching staged events and is talking about how he believes that False Flag attacks are staged and used for political and financial purposes, where the end goal is global domination.

Ole Dammegård was in his home city Copenhagen in Denmark on May 30th, 2014, to take part in the Bilderberg Group demonstration, which took place in front of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, where the annual Bilderberg Group meeting was held in 2014. Ole Dammegård met up with Age Of Truth TV at the Dome Of Visions in Copenhagen to talk about, what he calls, the whole global conspiracy.

Many heavy topics will be covered in this 2 hour and 10 minute edition of Age Of Truth TV. Topics like False Flags terror attacks, Secret Societies, Bilderberg Group, Mind Control (MK Ultra), Elite families, New World Order, Spirituality, the Olof Palme murder, the JFK assasination, the mysterious deaths of celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, Free Energy and many other controversial topics.

Like always, Age Of Truth TV is approaching this interview from a sceptical point of view.

For much more information about Ole Dammegård, check his website:

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