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OLE DAMMEGÅRD ~ “Terror In Denmark. A Dark Conspiracy?”

Author, truth researcher, lecturer and artist, Ole Dammegård is interviewed once again by Age Of Truth TV presenter, Lucas Alexander on March 3, 2015, following the terror attacks that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 14th and 15th of February 2015.

A venue in Denmark, Krudttønden (The Gun Powder Keg) was the place where an art event about Freedom Of Speech took place and a Danish film director was shot down. The following night the same supposed gunman shot a security man in front of the jewish synagoge in central Copenhagen, and he also wounded two police officers. The gunman was then shot and killed. This came after the Swedish artist Lars Vilks had published a cartoon portraying the prophet Muhammad as a dog. Lars Vilks was speaking at Krudttønden where 28 gunshots where fired into the venue.

This came a month after the Paris terrorist attack and Ole Dammegård is certain that these events are False Flag attacks, organised from within with signs and symbolism, and therefore an arranged dark conspiracy, which he predicted a month before it took place. Dammegård explains why, and is connecting the dots, comparing them to other major world events of the same nature, after 30 years of extensive research in the field of conspiracy and false flag terrorism.

Age Of Truth TV also did another two-hour long interview with Ole Dammegård about his research, covering many topics in May 2014 during the Bilderberg meeting that took place in Denmark. Watch that interview also on YouTube and on our website.


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