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PAUL SEILS ~ “5G Smart Grid Matrix Manipulation & Climate Activism”

PAUL SEILS, Australian researcher, entrepreneur, organiser, lecturer and founder of STOP 5G GLOBAL and the initiator of the Global 5G HEALTHSYMPOSIUM in Australia, is the guest of this episode of AGE OF TRUTH TV, interviewed by presenter, Lucas Alexander.

One of the most current and important topics to discuss in 2019 – the dangers and health effects of the global implementation and roll-out of 5G and the 5G grid & Smart grid around Earth, which not only could cause serious health effects and illnesses, because of the electromagnetic fields and frequencies, but can also be used as tool for constant 100% surveillance of every living person on Planet Earth. The worry is even that the 5G roll-out could also be connected to A.I. Artificial Intelligence, connecting human consciousness to A.I. in the coming years.

Paul Seils is a one of the leading 5G activists, who is currently addressing his concern of the 5G roll-out and speaking to scientists, movers and shakers from all over the world on the topic.

Paul Seils interviewed by Lucas Alexander for Age Of Truth TV on July 18, 2019.


STOP 5G GLOBAL (Paul Seils related) Article – © By General Maddox.

What exactly is 5G you ask? Well it’s the 5th Generation of wireless telecommunication technology that is on our doorstep. Somewhat literally. But more on that later.
You’ve probably noticed the small 3G or 4G at the top of your phone screen when you’re not using a wifi connection. That’s because you’re connected to a cell tower network close to your physical location. Soon enough, depending on how new your device is, you’ll start to see a small 5G at the top of your phone screen.

The majority of the public appears to be either welcoming of this new technology or apathetic towards it.

However, there is a growing segment of the community that is extremely concerned about the new technology. Groups have been popping up all over social media with most capital cities starting up their own in line with national and global networks. For example if you’re on Facebook you can join the Stop 5G Global page, the Stop 5G Australia page, and the Stop 5G Brisbane page. And that’s only a few to say the least. There’s literally dozens of groups like this from all over the world.
Some of the concerns being raised by these awareness and action groups is the speed at which 5G has been rolled out. Network infrastructure in the form of new and/or upgraded towers popping up all around us with some transmitters being added to street poles in front of homes. Like I mentioned earlier, practically on your doorstep.

Other than the speed of the rollout is the locations of the towers and transmitters themselves. They’ve been spotted on the side and top of office buildings, right in the middle of condensed suburban areas, disguised as trees near public parks but most concerning is directly in front of people’s homes in the street attached to light and power poles. For most people it’s a concern because it’s far too close for comfort.

There are scientists and experts from around the world who have been raising concerns about the dangers of being in close proximity to these microwave transmitters. Even though phone tower radiation it’s still classed as non-ionizing radiation (ionizing being the most harmful to biological physiology), experts a warning us that at the very least more testing is needed.

At present, the only testing that has been done is by the telecommunications industry themselves. And if history has taught us anything it’s that industry likes to downplay the harm they cause to the environment, human and animal populations. The new groundbreaking lawsuits against Bayer (Monsanto) for their harmful RoundUp herbicide is just one example.

It’s time that government and industry listen to the concerns of the public. If there are indeed legitimate reasons to be alarmed then the ‘precautionary principle‘ should apply.

Until that happens it’s up to we the people to band together and use people power to let the government know we have concerns and we demand a moratorium until we’re satisfied beyond a shadow of a doubt no harm will come to us and the environment.

How can you find other likeminded people to meet up with and share and learn new information? One way is to attend events like this one below.

STOP 5G Brisbane – Community Action – Ray Broomhall, Max Igan & Paul Seils




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