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Priestess DAVIDA SAL ~ “Revolutionary Priestess Artivist Of Truth & Freedom”

Priestess DAVIDA SAL ~  "Revolutionary Priestess Artivist Of Truth & Freedom" [Age Of Truth TV]

Priestess DAVIDA SAL is a fascinating, progressive extraordinary and provocative lady from Spain who now lives in Mexico. She is an Artivist – an Artist and Activist, Author, Model and Actress, who has become quite controversial for her eye-opening and unusual street art installations, featuring herself at the canter of peaceful protests against highly controversial political topics, human rights, animal rights, 5G, chemtrails, the Israeli conflict and much more.

She became known on the scene of Artivism as Jil LOVE REVOLUTION – an International Social movement to raise awareness, motivate society and expand consciousness. Her mission is to awaken a force in those who view her fascinating and extraordinary images…To awaken society, ignite ideas and incite people to action, by peacefully and artistically fight for Social rights, Animal rights and Environmental rights.

We are thrilled to introduce PRIESTESS DAVIDA SAL on AGE OF TRUTH TV, interviewed by AOT TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.

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