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ROSA KOIRE – R.I.P ~ “A Freedom Fighter & Pioneer Forever Remembered”

AGE OF TRUTH TV is paying tribute and homage to the late great Miss ROSA KOIRE, who sadly passed way, too soon, on the 30th of May 2021.

This is a special program, dedicated to the memory of Rosa Koire who was American Author, Truth Researcher, Lecturer, Freedom Fighter, Director of the Post Sustainability Institute and former Forensic Commercial Real Estate Appraiser.

It is with great sadness, in fact it is deeply shocking, that we have learned that the wonderful and truly magnificent ROSA KOIRE has passed away! 😓😥

Rosa is no longer here to speak her truth, in fact THE truth, that she worked so hard to get out there to the world for many years. She helped so many people in waking up to what is going on, and she in fact described in detail in interviews, and her lectures all over the world and as an author in her eye-opening book “Behind the green mask” on U . N. Agenda 21 and Secrets Behind Global Sustainability. She detailed, everything that has been going on in the world right now. It is sad beyond words, that Rosa will not be with us right now to be a strong guiding light, and also in the future. She is needed right now more than ever…..

Age Of Truth TV did several shows with her, and we will run 2 shows that we did with Rosa, for you today, after our tribute message. The first one was done at the Open Mind Conference in Skanderborg Denmark in 2013, and the second one was done in November 2019. And she worked relentlessly as always, in the last year and a half during the world crisis that we’re all facing at the moment, to try and enlighten people about what she said, was the rollout of everything she’s been warning the world about for many years.

We don’t know all of the details yet of death, but what we do know is that she died from a lengthy battle with lung cancer.

We will be making a tribute show to Miss Rosa Koire tonight, in honor of her memory, her relentless, unstoppable energy and freedom fighting spirit 💗💗💗☮️

We at AOT TV will always cherish, treasure and honor the work that she did for the world, for freedom and enlightenment, and personally I send her LOVE and respect, on her spiritual journey ahead 😞😎🙏🙏🙏

Thank you for watching us! To begin with, we will air our first interview with Rosa from 2013, then the second show right after that, so it’s gonna be a full night, full of information – and please spread Rosa´s message to the world 😘
R.I.P from us at Age Of Truth TV – ROSA KOIRE!

Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander is interviewing Rosa Koire in both both shows.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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