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SAMUEL CHONG ~ “E.T. Thiaoouba Prophecy – Alien Vs.Human Powers & Parallel Worlds”

SAMUEL CHONG ~ “E.T. Thiaoouba Prophecy - Alien Vs.Human Powers & Parallel Worlds” [Age Of Truth TV]

A most dynamic and interesting episode of Age Of Truth TV with Chinese E.T. and UFO Researcher, Author and Chinese Translator and Interpreter, SAMUEL CHONG.

Samuel Chong´s mentor, the French UFO and E.T. experiencer and author, Michel Desmarquet met and experienced the alien race, the Thiaooubians on the planet Thiaoouba, and acquired extraordinary knowledge and wisdom about the human races origin, our spiritual and universal connections and other E.T. races. Samuel Chong´s own fascinating story about investigating Desmarquet´s whereabouts, led him on a journey to Vietnam, and he ended up helping him to get his book “The Thiaoouba Prophecy” published in China as well.

Samuel Chong is joining Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, for a fascinating, eye-opening and controversial conversation and interview about alien E.T. races, Teleportation, Psychic Powers, Time Travel, The Illuminati Bloodline families, A.I. and the secrets inside the Sphinx in Egypt as well as “who build the Pyramids” and the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle.

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