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“Satanic Forces Against Church & Healing Remedy” ~ MARK GRENON

MARK GRENON, Author, Lecturer and Archbishop of the “Genesis2 Church Of Health & Healing” is joining AGE OF TRUTH TV from Colombia, South America, for an interview about the recent horrifying events happening to his church. He explains how he, the church and two of his sons, were been attacked by the FDA in America, and arrested by the police. In the last interview “A Controversial Healing Cure”, Mark Grenon and his son Jonathan, talked about how they and others has helped many people getting healed from various diseases, with their church sacrament, a healing substance called Chlor-ine Dio-xide, which he claims can cure most dis-eases and illnesses.. They have been continuously attacked by the FDA and other health authorities, for practising their religious freedom and the freedom of choice.

In this new interview, Mark Grenon will tell us how he is fighting for justice and rights to help heal people, and get his two sons out of jail.

INTERVIEW BY Age Of Truth TV Producer and Director Of Photography, Lauge Felix Black

By: Mark Grenon

It’s a sad day for the U.S. when a Church and its Bishops arrested for helping others! Today, July 8th, 2020, Bishops Jonathan Grenon and Jordan Grenon were arrested! We were attacked by the FDA/FTC in April by a warning to stop providing our Church Sacraments to others that are healing thousands worldwide! The US Marshals told Jonathan’s wife that they are coming to Colombia to extradite Bishops Mark and Joseph Grenon also! We need everyone to pray and send letters to President Trump and Attorney General Barr today to let them know of this attack of our US Constitutional rights with GROSS Negligence! May the Lord use this to once and for all take down the FDA, CDC, FTC, and their co-conspirators rogue US Attorneys and US Judges as well as open the eyes of the Big P h a r m’s control of the Medical Industry.

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Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark
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July 11st, 2020

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