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Shaman & VooDoo High Priest PETER AZIZ ~ “Djinn Masters, Fairies & Healing Magic”

Shaman & VooDoo High Priest PETER AZIZ ~ "Djinn Masters, Fairies & Healing Magic [Age Of Truth TV]

“CO-CREATING with the DJINN, FAIRIES & HEALING MAGIC” – with Shaman & VooDoo High Priest PETER AZIZ in an in-depth, fascinating and controversial interview on AGE OF TRUTH TV, interviewed by AOT TV Presenter & Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.


Peter Aziz has trained in shamanism for 35 years, including Hungarian, Pueblo Indian and Kahuna Shamanism, Javanese magick, Egyptian magick, vedic magick and dragon and faery magick and spent several years in the jungle of Peru training to be an ayahuascaro. He has also been initiated into Vodou, and attained the highest level of Priesthood; Houngan Asogwe. He is the English representative of the Haitian based “Roots Without End Society” run by Mambo Racine, and has functioned as “Papa Kanzo”, a highly responsible position of initiating others.
In a more recent spiritual journey he was taken into Shambhala, where he was selected for higher work; to be a direct channel for God/Goddess/all that is. Since then, his work has transcended traditional shamanic technique, replacing it with a system that is more powerful and divine. It was Kali who took him and made him an Odiya; a Shaman in the service of Kali. It is Kali who works through him in his healing, and often possesses him in ceremonies.
He has been featured in local newspapers for getting a crippled boy walking, and has successfully healed a number of serious illnesses. He has healed broken bones within a few hours, and already empowered his students to produce equally powerful healing. He also produces great spiritual transformation in his clients.
One of his spiritual gifts is the ability to materialise gifts from the spirit world. These were at first Dragon Pearls and items from the faerie realm, but this gift too has evolved, so he now materialises gifts directly from the gods, such as Crystal Yantras.
He gives individual healing, and runs workshops, which are continuously evolving.

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