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TONY TOPPING ~ “I, Alien & UFO Experiencer, E.T. Races & MK Ultra Mind Control”

TONY TOPPING ~ “I, Alien & UFO Experiencer, E.T. Races & MK Ultra Mind Control” [Age Of Truth TV]

TONY TOPPING, UFO and E.T. Experiencer, Researcher, Author, Radio Show Host & Lecturer, almost a UFO abductee, who claims to have been brought up as a child, under MK Mind Control programming and military experimentation.
Interviewed by AGE OF TRUTH TV Interviewer and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, in the in-depth, eye-opening and controversial conversation about alien life, E.T. Races and Military Tech – and many other fascinating topics, including current top news.


In the 1960s and 50s contactees like Adamski were closely monitored for communist sympathies, today it is the turn of the Covert Witness a man or woman who is having interaction with UFOs and is stalked by agents unknown and so began in 1997 a series of paranormal incidents and UFO flyovers.
Tony Topping is a maverick whose life has been an incredible journey involving contact with UFOs and it is as real as it gets. His extraordinary saga with those from the skies above, began with Tony as a boy pushing a pram full of scrap heading to the merchants to raise money for his mum and dad who were broke. He lived in squalid housing conditions and was abused often. In later years his interaction with the UFO phenomena and those behind it became an extraordinary and iconic odyssey, Tony’s forthcoming book I, Alien: The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma is out in July 2021, To Believe Or Not To Believe You Decide…

I, Alien: The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma, portrays a clandestine life of Special Contact Operations regarding UFOs. From the clash of angelic forces to collision among the alien forces in the skies above. It is truly a read that will take your breath away and have you in tears. The Chronicle element of the book details from 2001 to present his continual involvement in an operation called SCOVS or Special Contact Operation Very See and the shocking saga of contact with ET from the skies above.
A story of mind invasive intrusion where the future speaks to yesteryear and where human military agencies not governed by time clash with each other and establish communication with alien forces. To believe or not to believe, you decide. The art within the book is inspired by Tony’s interaction with UFOs.
Tony has appeared for ITV This Morning, The One Show, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC 2, Sky Arts, Sony Pictures, E4 Tattoo Fixers when producers gave him a tattoo for the unusual life he has led, BBC Regional & National News and various radio show across the globe he writes for the Australian Paranormal Magazine Oddities, Outer Limits, and French magazine OVNI he is a regular contributor to national station talkRADIO.
His information is always sourced via unorthodox means that get results. Knowledge of the psychic warfare operations of the Cold War must be understood as it collides with the UFO phenomena. Tony is also unique as all his footage has been subjected to analysis, leading to a conclusion the objects are UFO’s contact with those behind the UFO phenomena who are not of this earth is a very different scenario to what is written and a high level cover up is in place. You can contact Tony @


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