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ULF DAHLSTRÖM ~ “Quantum Secrets & Hidden History Of Free Energy”

Ulf Dahlström is a Swedish-born, American scientist and lecturer who worked with the late scientist, Stanley Meyer, who was killed under suspicious circumstances. Stanley Meyer became known, and perhaps controversial for inventing free energy possibilities by using water as fuel, instead of gasoline and oil. Ulf Dahlström had several fascinating years working with Meyer on his projects, which took him into some extraordinary and mind-blowing areas, of how we understand the world we are living in.

* Is FREE ENERGY a possibility or even a reality? And why is it hidden from the global population?
* Did Nikola Tesla already discover the secrets of the universe, and could bend time and space to make Time Travel possible?
* Did Time Traveler Al Bielek, a friend to Ulf Dahlstöm, really take part in the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 and end up time-traveling to 1983, and from then on to the years 2137, 2749 and 6037?
* Quantum secrets and the connection to the spirit world. Mind over matter? Energy and vibration is the key to understanding the link between science and spirit.
* Parallel dimensions in an infinite Multiverse. Could that be real?
* WATER! Is water really pure energy that reacts to the human mind and intentions?
* Remote viewing and out-of-body and near-death experiences!
* What happens to us when we die and the soul leaves the body?
* Why are so many secrets kept from us?

Ulf Dahlström is direct, informational and sharp to the point, who has had a long career within the world of science and is now speaking out.

This interesting, in-depth and educational hard-talk conversation between Ulf Dahlström and Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, took place at the Open Mind Conference in Audonicon, Skanderborg, Denmark on September 22, 2013.

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