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Two succesful, legally allowed and announced demonstrations, were taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, still under Lockdown, on May 16th, 2020 due to C-V Coronavirus world crisis. The speakers included several Medical Doctors, a Lawyer, a former Investment Banker, Representatives from various organisations, Alternative Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Public Speakers and different Artists and Performers.

While the many speakers who are interviewed by AGE OF TRUTH TV´s Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, may have very different views on a lot things about the world, health, treatments, diseases, politics and what could be behind the orchestration of the political Global Lockdown of most countries in the world, they all agree on one thing: THERE WAS NO REASON TO LOCKDOWN THE WORLD!! The decision to Lockdown Denmark alone, has caused many people to lose their jobs and some even their homes. The virus is not as scary, contagious and deadly as the health authorities, official experts, politicians and the mainstream media has been saying and reporting, according to any of the people interviewed here, and many health experts and doctors all over the world.

There is an URGENT MESSAGE to everyone: WAKE-UP!!! Look into the situation, study the statistics, look at the facts, do your research, do not give in to fear propaganda, follow the money, who benefits? Ask questions! WHY?


Two Danish Medical Doctors, known in the mainstream media for being rather controversial, has been heavily attacked publicly but also widely supported during this time of lockdown, because they have been speaking out against the governments decision to lock down the country.

Dr. VIBEKE MANNICHE, & Phd, known as a Medical Doctor, but also well-known in the public eye for being outspoken and controversial. She is also an Author, Debater and Public Speaker. She has been one of the most prominent speakers against the lockdown of Denmark.

Dr. SØREN VENTEGODT, MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc is the director of the independent Quality of Life Research Center in Copenhagen, and Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine and Sexology, Copenhagen. He teaches holistic medicine, psychiatry and sexology at the Nordic School of Holistic Health and Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic.
Søren Ventegodt is now the Chairman of a new organisation, OOC – The Organisation For Information on Corona, in collaboration with different scientists and artists.

LARS MUHL: Former Danish Rocksinger and musician, International Wayseer, Spiritual Mystery School Teacher. Truth seeker and Author of numerous best-selling books on the esoteric, ancient religions and holy scriptures, universal knowledge, truth seeing and the occult. He is also a cultural activist and a critical controversial public voice against the roll-out of Five~ G.

GITHA BEN-DAVID, Author, Singer, Musician, Spiritual Teacher, Sound Healer. Trained and educated in classical saxophone at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory. Studied India n song in Varanasi, India, sponsored by the Danish Music Council and the Danish Royal Music Conservatory. Educated as a healer in the Mystical Therapy system by Master José in Israel.

MADS PALSVIG: A former succesful and ambitious Investment Banker who turned Whistleblower. He has now become a controversial and outspoken political candidate in Denmark. He is the founder of a very alternative political party called “JFK21” ~ “Earth Freedom Knowledge”. He is the organiser of one of the two demonstrations against the lockdown of Denmark.

PERNILLE GRUMME: A Danish Actress and Director, Activist and Political Candidate. She appeared in many theatre plays, on TV and in films. She is the Chairman of ARTISTS FOR PEACE, the Danish division of PAND INTERNATIONAL (Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament).

PERNILLE SCHRIVER: cand. scient.
Biologist, Environmental Councillor & Founder of the Organisation for “EHS FORENINGEN” for Electro Hypersensitivity. She is an event koordinator & International Anti 5- G Activist.

FLEMMING BLICHER: Electrical Engineer. Worked in the Telecom Industry. Speaker for the Danish InPower Movement (Notice Of Liability). Anti 5- G Activist.

DIANE VINCENTZ: ABR-Therapist. Activist. Danish InPower Movement (Notice Of Liability).

CARSTEN LANG-JENSEN: Lawyer. Education: Master of Laws. University of Copenhagen 1990. Carsten has more than 20 years of experience in all areas of enterprise and procurement law.
He is until now, the only Lawyer who is speaking out publicly against the lockdown.


Filmed at Rådhuspladsen & Fælledparken
Copenhagen, Denmark
16th May 2020


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