Dr. CHRISTOPHER MACKLIN ~ “E.T. Reptilians, Greys, Arcturians Under The Earth-Dome”

Dr. CHRISTOPHER MACKLIN claims to be a Melchizedek Being, described as a group of high-level spiritual beings who are custodians and teachers of ancient esoteric secrets. The group is sometimes called “the Cosmic Priesthood”. He discusses his abilities to receive messages from different Star Beings, from different star constellations, but claims that most of these different present E.T. Extra-Terrestrial and Inter-Dimensional beings, live not only on Planet Earth, but inside the Inner Earth (Agartha), where there a way more Alien beings than there are humans on the surface of Earth. He also says that we are living under a DOME, on a firmament, and that the Earth is neither Flat or Globe shaped.

He describes the different Benevolent and Malevolent E.T. Aliens races, from the controlling Earth hi-jackers, the Reptilians, The Draconians, The Anunnaki, The Grey Zeta Reticuli to the “good helping aliens”, the Arcturians, the Nordic Pleiadians, the Lyrans etc.

He also discussed the well-known levels and the lesser known, more sinister levels of Freemasonry, the Illuminati ruling class, Satanism and Mind Control.

A LOT of fascinating topics in this mind-blowing and biting discussion between Dr. Christopher Macklin and AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.

Dr. CHRISTOPHER MACKLIN is a British Author, living in America. He is a Medical Intuitive, Health and Wellness Practitioner, Conspiracy Researcher, E.T. & UFO Expert, Healer and Teacher and has his own Ministry and a lot of clients and courses.

Visit Dr. Christpher Macklin´s Website: globalenlightenmentproject.com

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