ERIKA NANN ~ EXTREME LIFESTORY: Abused Child – Hollywood Artist – Truth Speaker

This is AGE OF TRUTH TV ~ “LIFESTORIES” combined with a regular Truth/Information Show, as our guest ERIKA NANN has become an informed, inspirational and knowledgable Truth Researcher, and will share some of her wisdom and insight into what is going on in the world.

Erika Nann´s story is simply MIND-BLOWING, DISTURBING and rather EXTREME! She became an Actress, Singer and Model in Hollywood and in Mexico and worked as an artist for many years after her Trauma-based Childhood, where she suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of a disturbed mother, who were using Satanic Mind-Control methods on Erika and her siblings. She suffered, not only abuse, torture, mind-control, but is also a survivor of bulimia and several abusive relationships.

She shares her story of self-doubt, plastic surgery and her ties to top-elitist circles and her difficult time in Hollywood, working to become a star, in this extraordinary, fascinating and controversial 3-hour interview by AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander. An eye-opening and shockingly fascinating tale of strong lady who is true survivor

Erika Nann is authentic, candid, honest and real, and can be a great inspiration to anyone who has gone through similar expriences of trauma + a career struggeling in superficial world of fame and fortune, to change her life, become an Animal Rescuer, Farmer and a Truth Speaker and Researcher.

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