HOWARD “HOWDIE” MICKOSKI ~ “Simulation Reality Game & Death Soul Trap”

Extraordinary and amazing interview with Canadian Author, Esoteric Researcher, Near Death Experiencer & Renegade Historian, HOWARD “HOWDIE” MICKOSKI by Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.

SIMULATION THEORY. Are we living in a simulation of Planet Earth? A sophisticated holographic illusion, a prison planet, a hi-jacked testing ground within the matrix?

SOUL DEATH TRAP. What happens when we die? The reincarnation karma-wheel resetting soul trap, created by Archon-Demons.

NDE. A Near-Death-Experiencer. What is really going on in the AFTERLIFE?

The Great Reset & New World Order…..

…….and much much more……

Howdie Mickoski is the author of Falling For Truth, The Power of Then-Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom and Exposing the Expositions 1851-1915- Revised
He began his life as a stand-up comedian and hockey coach, but began to study the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mexico in 1997. This led to the study of Zen, Native Indian Medicine, Alchemy, Gnosticism and comparative religions and spirituality. This study led to the Power of Then.
He had a death experience in 2005 that led him to change his research and writing focus to present his new insight, that of dealing with reality and the self in a complete different way and became Falling For Truth.
Currently he has been researching historical topics such as the Cathars and Knights Templar, to World Expositions of the 1800’s looking for clues to help explain the nature of standard reality, and how and why this may have shifted over time.

His latest book is: Exit the Cave: Ending the Reincarnation Trap, Book 1.
Exit the Cave takes a candid exploration into the reincarnation trap, by unpacking a plethora of diverse information from ancient texts and near death experiences, to movies such as Dark City and Westworld in an attempt to deconstruct and understand Plato’s Cave allegory. Most significant of it all, is how important it is to be prepared at the moment of one’s death – our only true “guaranteed experience.” What awaits us on the other side of turning our back on constant incarnations in a pit of suffering? Perhaps it is what our soul has been dreaming of for eons… going Home.

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