“The Awakening Of The Masses & The 2. Wave” (An Update with Akos) ~ AKOS MONDOVICI

An UPDATE with AKOS MONDOVICI, who became an instant success with the viewers when AGE OF TRUTH TV did an interview with him on July 1st. 2020: “The Master Key To The Mystery Of The Universe”, which you can watch via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3zY23n59y0

We are now ready to re-visit Akos with a new interview: “THE AWAKENING OF THE MAS-KED MASSES & THE 2. WAVE”.

What is going on i Romania right now with the coming, so called 2. wave? How is it connected to a possible global orchestrated master plan, and several other symbolic events that changed the world and the control system.

That is certainly the case about this fascinating, informative, mind-boggling and extremely intense and Eye-opening episode of AGE OF TRUTH TV with our guest, AKOS MONDOVICI from Timișoara, Romania. Interviewed by Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.

Akos Mondovici studied automatics and mathematics and graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF POLITEHNICA from Timisoara, Romania. Mathematical modeling of a system and automation. A sharp mathematical mind, who went down discovery lane, studying Kabbalism, Science, Quantum Physics, M-theory, Psychology, Numerology, Symbolism, Masonry, Crystals and nature bio-communication and luminescence (colors), Religions as theology and mathematics and modeling.

Akos Mondovici is a also a musician and performer, and have been a bass-player and singer in several bands, and his main hobby has always been frequency and music.

Akos writes: “I always thought, that music has more to it, than just the “surface” variables we use, so I built my own studio and started experimenting with sound. I am a truth seeker and got in 999 subjects from ancient civilizations, to almost all conspiracy theories. After that I got into more concrete stuff as M-theory and String Theory with quantum mathematical modeling. After 7 years of studying these subjects, I realized that everything is a story and the variables, what we work with, has to have a different approach, a simplistic understanding, that encompasses the all, ready to be expanded as symbols (Da Vinci Code). I never renounced the research, even if it got me into uncharted territory. I kept all this to myself, until I really was sure, that the information I stumbled upon, can be verified and made use of in real life, but also in the realm of thought. I consider myself a lone wolf researcher, but it´s time to share my truth”.

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Direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/StormChiroptera/featured

Filmed in Denmark
& via ZOOM to Timișoara, Romania
July 12th, 2020

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