“A.I. New Order Reset vs. Love & Truth Frequency” ~ ERIKA NANN & JOANNA PILATOWICZ

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION with two amazing and powerful ladies and TRUTH SEEKERS!
ERIKA NANN & JOANNA PILATOWICZ in conversation with Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander.

A MUST WATCH in-depth, wonderful and intense Roundtable Discussion on Age Of Truth TV, with two wonderful, well-informed Truth Researchers: Erika Nann, Actress, Singer, Model and Joanna Pilatowicz, Interviewer and Presenter of the “Joanna Pilatowicz Show” on YT and Truth Researcher, Healer, Intuitive and Artist.

TOPICS: A.I. – New World Order – Great Reset – Agenda 2023 – E.T. Aliens – Reptilians – Illuminati – Truth Frequencies & Love and Enlightenment. How to co-exist!

Joanna Pilatowicz Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JoannaPilatowicz

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