Dr. HENRY MAKOW ~ `ASK HENRY!´ “The Legendary Controversial Illusion-Killer”

NEW Controversial AGE OF TRUTH TV Special!

Dr. HENRY MAKOW, PhD, is widely known in truth and conspiracy circles for his informative and controversial articles and content on HENRYMAKOW.COM, his website since the year 2000.
He is an Author, Investigative Journalist, Columnist, Truth and Conspiracy Researcher and dot-connector.
He became famous even as a child with his successful newspaper column and book: “Ask Henry” in the 1960s and appeared on such shows and “The Jack Paar Show”, “What´s My Line” and was in magazines like “Life!”.
In 1984 he invented the board game “Scruples”.

Henry Makow joins Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, for a direct, no holds barred, open-mouthed discussion about his views on the world, what is happening in the world right now in 2024, the problems with the implementation of the New World Order and the Illuminati agenda, the Feminist Movement, Gender Agenda, recent Wars and the fear of WW3.

For more on Dr. HENRY MAKOW: http://www.henrymakow.com

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