KERRY CASSIDY ~ “Our Parallel World Of Mystery & Illusion”

AGE OF TRUTH TV presents a fascinating, controversial and extraordinary in-depth hard-talk interview with KERRY CASSIDY, the relentless and knowledgeable founder of the alternative media platform PROJECT CAMELOT.

Lucas Alexander is interviewing Kerry Cassidy in Hollywood, Los Angeles for Age Of Truth TV, about her interesting and unusual career as one of the few female investigative reporters and conspiracy researchers, into the most controversial topics imaginable. A documentary filmmaker, author and independant journalist, who has interviewed countless “Camelot Witnesses” – experts, whistleblowers, scientists, conspiracy researchers and military people, about deep-state top secrets, the occult and other-worldly phenomena.

Kerry Cassidy is sharing her powerful, eye-opening and alternative views on the world, the universe and everything beyond, in this intense and direct 2 hour 15 mins. interview special filmed on January 24, 2018.

* Occultism vs. Spirituality – Satanism vs. Religion vs. New Age Philosophy.
* Illuminati – New World Order – Intelligence Services – Secret Societies.
* Multiple Realities – Infinite Parallel Worlds – Holographic Universe.
* Mind Control – MK Ultra – TV Brainwash – Media Lies – Fear mongering.
* Dark Rituals and Symbolism vs. Spiritual Meditation & Law Of Attraction.
* Alien Races – Star Systems – Interdimensional Entities – Life in the universe.
* Whistleblowers – Truth Speakers – Informers and Disinformers.
* False Flag Terrorism & Public Deception.
* Super Soldiers.
* Reincarnation Soul Trap – Death & Eternity – Angels & Demons. Matrix Trap.
* Lucid Dreaming – Astral Travel – Remote Viewing – Clairvoyance.
* The Hollywood Hierarchy & Showbusiness. Truth revealed in movies.
* Politics – The Voting Scam – Donald Trump = How does he fit in?
* The Fake Moon Landing vs. Stanley Kubrick – The Ringmakers Of Saturn.

These are some of the mind-blowing topics discussed in this compelling Q&A conversation with one of the most formidable ladies in this very alternative field, constantly searching for the truth. And just like the famous quote from the “X-files” TV series, Kerry Cassidy knows that “the truth is out there”!

Filmed on location in
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
January 24, 2018.


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