R. SCOTT LEMRIEL ~ “E.T. Galactic Humans, Reptilian Tyrants & Suppressed Memory”

So many mind-blowing and fascinating other-worldly topics are discussed in this very interesting episode of AGE OF TRUTH TV with guest R. SCOTT LEMRIEL, who calls himself a direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher. He is also a published author, and international guest presenter of deliberately hidden or subconsciously suppressed truth and a music producer.
This is an eye-opening interview by Age Of Truth TV presenter, Lucas Alexander filmed on October 12, 2019.

R. Scott Lemriel is in communication with what he calls “friends from outta town” – Alien Extra-Terrestrial and Inter-dimensional beings from other star systems, who gives him messages and information about what our world and the universe is really like. Secrets kept from the general public in order to suppress their memories of who and what they really are.

R. Scott Lemriel writes: “My work is entirely focused on direct experience-based presentations that assist the true individual being or Atma (the spherical energy form that is not nuclear in nature and not the body) or what people on Earth refer to as Soul without knowing what this actually is, what it looks like, or how to move it around the grand multi-dimensional creation. This work assists others to discover or awaken how they too can co-create their own direct experience-based awakening of ‘Direct Knowing Perception’ or Knowing Certainty.’ No negative emotion or imagination can be involved in this process if effective results are desired”.



– ALIEN E.T. RACES on Earth, in the universe and Inter-dimensionally.
– Nordics, Pleiadians, Andromedans, The Blacks, The Asians etc.
– REPTILIAN TYRANTS and human enslavement.
– Controlling elite royal bloodline families.
– THE HU (consciousness awakening vibratory word known as: HU).
– Mind Control, MK ULTRA, The hijack of human consciousness.
– Atlantis & Lemuria and the explosion of the planet Maldek.
– 5G and A.I. – Artificial Intelligence.
– CERN – the unknown portal to another dimension.
– Linda Moulton Howe, Bob Lazar and Michael Salla.
– The ILLUMINATI financial agenda.
– WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE – The ARCHON Soul-harvesting trap.
– Saturn and Satanism.
– AWAKENING and the letting go of FEAR!

……..all this and much much more in this 2 hour in-depth, hard-talk conversation with R. Scott Lemriel, interviewed by Age Of Truth TV investigative reporter and presenter, Lucas Alexander.


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The Age Of Truth TV interview was produced and filmed on
October 12th 2019
at the Age Of Truth TV studios.
& via ZOOM to Los Angeles, CA, USA.


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