“The Controversial Healing Cure ~ CORONAVIRUS, CLIMATE & 5G” ~ MARK GRENON

MARK GRENON is joining Age Of Truth TV from Colombia, South America, for an eye-opening, controversial and informative interview about his life and journey to become the Archbishop of the “Genesis2 Church Of Health & Healing”, and especially about their church sacrament, which he claims can cure most dis-eases and illnesses.


  • The Controversial Healing Cure
  • Dis-Eases & Illnesses.
  • Health, healing and dieting:  Meat eating vs. Veganism.
  • Chlorine Dioxide.
  • The roll-out 5G and electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Mainstream media reporting.
  • Climate Change
  • The Coronavirus.
  • Vaccines.
  • Oils used for healing.
  • Mainstream media reporting and biased information.
  • Internet censorship & Freedom Of Speech.
  • Discernment.

…and there is much more……..

For more information on Mark Grenon, visit the following websites:

Books – https://g2churchbooks.org/

G2Church Documentary – http://www.quantumleap.is/

Home page – https://genesis2church.ch/

Interviewed on the 19th of February 2020 by AGE OF TRUTH TV investigative reporter and presenter, Lucas Alexander.

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